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    DB table's contents does not included when migrating ContentServer configs

    Cuong Pham
      Hi everyone.
      I'm trying to migrate one Content Server instance (on develop environment) to other Content Server instance (staging environment). In previous thread (How to import/export/transfer, replicate UCM 11g with archive zip file I receipt helpful support to migrate contents. But some content fields (that defined within database tables) did not come with their contents.
      The custom tables I created on source Content Server to describe some information for content. That table can migrate to destination database schema successfully with out data. On destination schema, these tables has not any row. So, my new content on destination content server has not these information.

      So, how to migrate table rows from source schema of Content Server instance to destination one?
      Can we use Configuration Migration Utility to do that ? (I think it is impossible)
      Do we have to use import/export database utilities to do that task ?

      Thank in advance.