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    Asset modified in a customized repository is not showing in Asset tab


      It would be great if somebody can help us in this issue. We are using ATG 9.1. We have added a new repository as part of one of the development. Below is the issue we are facing.

      1) In the Merchandising UI Manage Commerce Asset, I am able to search and browse the item descriptor which is newly added .
      2) I am able to edit and save the particular project in the repository.
      3) After modifying, I have given for ready for review option.
      4) In the Mechandising UI Asset tab, the asset is not displaying and giving a message like "There are currently no assets being modified in this project. Note that the project may contain assets which you do not have any access to." But I am able to publish the modified project.

      Also, in the Content Administration Project, in the Asset Picker, this new repository we added is not listing in the repository dropdown.

      Thanks in adwance.
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          Nitin Khare
          Check if the AssetManager is properly configured for your new repository. Refer this:

          Also check if your repository definition and its corresponding versioned repository in your application's versioned module is following guidelines described here: