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    Grant execute whish in Oracle

      I can do the below in SQL Server

      GRANT EXEC ON SCHEMA::dbo TO userName

      It would be nice to have similar capabilites in Oracle whithout having to grant proc or such to a role or user.

      Schema level security would work better in the Oracle world when you have different applications in the same instance and you want to simplify access as well as keep user separate.
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          but remember this will grant execute permission for all the objects to which this permission could be applied not just for the stored procedures but the scalar and aggregate functions, synonyms and CLR types too, so can be expensive in some siutations.

          Inam Bukhari
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            Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle
            Hi ,

            A number of enhancement requests already exist in our bugdp repository about this issue :


            (I closed a number of duplicate request also with this one as base bug)

            This enhancement is currently not implemented and security product management may also not be willing
            to do so. Since you literally mentioned it would be 'nice to have' that is exactly the sort of requirement
            we do NOT implement! We prioritize enhancements based on business needs and also taking certain
            factors into account about the cost and return and issues of code stability.

            About your final comment: when you have different applications in the same instance and want to keep users
            separate, you can hand-out a number of ANY type privileges and also restrict users from seeing other application data
            by using Database Vault realms for each distinct application.

            Please note we are currently actively promoting the new support communities also, so if you want to get some
            feedback from your peers as well as the attention of Oracle support engineers, please go to


            This will put you in the Database Products Security community , but you can select others also from the left,


            Harm ten Napel
            Oracle Support
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              In 2012 doing more with less this is really a requirement.

              My bad on must making it sound like a wish.

              With 12C on the horizon and pushing for the CLOUD I would think that Oracle Hosting might be putting different customers in the same instance. This would enhance their TCO as well.

              It is a nice bit of work when you add a table to a schema and have to go back with grants though we have scripts it is something the people coming over from SQL Server or DB2 have a hard time grasping initially
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                Maybe I don't wish to buy Data Base Vault.

                My point would be to do it with what I currently have.