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      • 15. Re: HRMS sign on page issue with PIA
        I used the DEV, I accessed the application without any errors! thank you very much!
        Should I set the Event Notification back to ON?
        • 16. Re: HRMS sign on page issue with PIA
          Only if you plan to use a REN server ...

          I never turn it on on (local) sandboxes to maximize performance.
          • 17. Re: HRMS sign on page issue with PIA
            Bechara D wrote:
            I thought we should have the same encryption in database and in configuration file so I thought that would be a problem. I reverted the password in the database to the old one (Like in Hakan's example).
            In addition, those are not using the same encryption algorithm, and result cannot be the same.
            Whether the username/password coming from the configuration.properties are decyphered when starting webserver within internal Peopletools code, the WEBPROFILE password from the database cannot be decyphered, it is a one way encryption.
            Please find out more (part 3 for PIA) :

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