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    Pop up messages titled undefined and won't close

      Hi all.
      I've installed Peoplesoft 9.1, PT8.52 (Oracle 11G 64 bit database) on windows 2008 server 64bit and an HRMS DEMO DB on a Virtual machine PSDEMOVM.
      I also installed Oracle 11G client 32, and configured a PS client workstation on another virtual machine PSDEMOWS.
      I installed both app and web servers and the application is finally up and running.
      Now in the application, all the messages are titled 'undefined' and when I click on 'OK' or 'Cancel' nothing happens and the message doesn't close.
      (For example the At least one key must be entered).
      I am obliged to refresh the page to get rid of that message.

      What am I missing?

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