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    Win 3.0.1 PV drivers terrible slow disk share

      As We just migrated all our virtuals from VM2.2 to VM3.1.1 and naturally upgraded all windows servers PV drivers from 2.0.7 to 3.0.1
      Everything else is working like it should, except sharing disks.

      If I use http GET, I can download around 30MB/s from virtual windows server, which has PV 3.0.1 drivers.
      If I use SCP on same server, I can transfer around 30MB/s in and out.
      When I map another windows machine disc to it/from it and start transfering files, average speed is around 16kB/s

      This didn't happen on VM 2.2 and PV 2.0.7 drivers. Also, it is not general issue on switches/firewalls, since SCP and http works on normal speed.

      Anyone seen same behaviour ? Or better yet, does anyone know any solution for this ?