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    [AWM] Analytic workspace object does not exist

      I am going through the tutorial here: http://st-curriculum.oracle.com/obe/db/11g/r1/olap/cube/buildicubes.htm

      For our work environment, all the source data is in the OLAPTRAIN schema, but all of the dimensions and cubes are built in the schema USER1. To accomplish this, I just changed all Mappings to the proper OLAPTRAIN schema. However, when I get to the Loading and Viewing Cube Data step and click on Maintain Cube SALES_CUBE I get the following error:

      INI: error creating a definition manager, Generic at TxsOqConnection::generic<BuildProcess>INI: XOQ-00703: error executing OLAP DML command "(STATLEN(USER1.SALESTRACK_USER1!TIME) : ORA-34492: Analytic workspace object USER1.SALESTRACK_USER1!TIME does not exist.
      )", Generic at TxsOqAWManager::evaluateExpression

      I take it that it is referring to the USER1's TIME dimension, which does exist. The TIME dimension was first created using a template, but there appeared to be something wrong with it so I recreated the dimension from scratch, recreating the mappings from the original TIME template. The old TIME dimension was deleted, and now only the manually generated TIME dimension exists.

      Any ideas?