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    Detect programatically if odp.net is unavailable, how?

    Niels Jespersen
      Hello all

      ODP., Win 7 x64, Oracle RDBMS on Win2008R2. .net 4.0 Visual Studion 2010 Development Environment.

      We hava a number of internal Winforms applications using odp.net. Mostly everything works fine, and for the odd error, exception handling gives the user nice error messages.

      But if ODP.NET is missing or not installed properly, the applications fails miserably, even before a connection is attempted. Just the reference to odp.net is there, the application fails with a system.IO.FileNotFoundException that we cannot catch.

      How do we handle this situation gracefully? Someting like som sort of probing for odp.net under the control of exception handling. Any thoughts?

      Best regards Niels Jespersen