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    Initiator Task not visible to other users in the Group

    Sameer Darbha

      JDeveloper, WLS 10.3.6, BPM

      I have a Process and the swimlane containing the Initiator Task is assigned to a Group.
      All the users in the group are able to Initiate the Task.

      But when the Task is initiated, the Task is assigned to the User specifically, but not to the Group. I guess this is the default behavior.
      The Human Task Assignee - defaultPerformer for the Initiator Task is uneditable in the initiator.task file.

      What I was expecting is that, since the Initiator swimlane is assigned to the Group, All the users in the Group should be able to see the Tasks initiated by anyone in the Group.
      I want this behavior in the Initiator type of tasks specifically. (The normal Tasks other than Initiator tasks are working as expected.)

      The reason why we want this is, let us say after the task is created, and before it is submitted, there is a lot of work to be done, for example, data entry, should be done by many people in the Group.
      If all the users in the Group are able to see the Initiator Task, then it will help to share the responsibility of data entry among the users of the group.

      I tried Reassigning the task to Group, and it works, but we am looking for something automatically assigning to the Group when the Process is created. (We may not be using the Oracle BPM Workspace at all).

      Can anyone please tell us if there is a way to make the Initiator Task automatically assigned to the Group instead of just the user?

      Thanks for any help