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    Requisition Approver becomes PO Requestor

      Hi All,
      We are on Oracle and I see that current functionality in Oracle is that once the Requisition is approved by the Approver, the same Approver name is carried forward to the PO Requester field at the Distribution level be it in the case of AutoCreate or manual PO creation.

      The Preparer/Requestor name present in the Requisition level isn't carried forward to PO at all. Is there as a way how we can achieve this? Or does this calls for customisations? Or is there an Oracle patch to carry the same Requestor name to the PO from Requisiiton?

      Appreciate if you could put forth your thoughts....

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          Sanjay Desai EBS
          Hi Hemanth,

          We have same EBS ver. Tested your issue and working fine.

          In my testing, PR preparer is say 'X' and same PR is approved by 'Y' means approver is 'Y' .
          PO is created by 'Z' using autocreate .

          After above process, I have checked the PO distribution level for requestor where 'X' is coming . I think it is OK.

          Post your valuable feedback.