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    BPEL Service issue

      Hi Guys,

      Problem Scenerio:

      An async BPEL service is exposed, which is hit by a java client that initiates 400 threads(instances) of the service at a particular time(batch).
      Need to know how can we Tune this service in order to process all the requests.

      There are 400000 records to be processed, java process has already created 400 payloads of 1000 records each and spawns 400 thread for the BPEL service.
      Can we configure the BPEL service is a way so that it processes the payload for 50 instances first and then next 50 and so on...

      all ideas are welcomed on how can we optimise this situation.

      Thanks in Advance
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          Could you provide more information regarding the source and target applications, is java talking to source or target application ?

          Or is BPEL talking to source and target ?

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            Source system has a heavy file with around 400K records, java process on source side will create chunks of this file with 1K records each and hit the BPEL service.
            On Target side there is a DB which process the records provided by BPEL i.e. 400K records one by one
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              Why dont you use FTP Debatching or Chuk Read with FTP adapter and DB Adapter, you can get rid of java class here.

              File ChunkedRead

              4.2.4 File Debatching

              Let us know how you go !!!

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                Thanks Vijay, However we are not using the FTP adapter. Java process is already there that is making chunks of the file and initaiting the 400 or more threads....
                Any other solution to this situation