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    REP-0300, REP-0069, REP-57054, REP-300


      I need your help for the below error. I am totally stuck here.
      This is an XML report, and so I designed the RDF data model and XML layout model. I am able to get the XML output when I run it from Oracle reports, but once I register and run it is giving the following error. PLease help me guys

      APPLLCSP Environment Variable set to :

      Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are :


      Enter Password:
      REP-0300: ORACLE error occurred.
      REP-0069: Internal error
      REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
      REP-300: ORACLE error occurred.

      Report Builder: Release - Production on Wed Mar 24 18:13:42 2010

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