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    Application access issue from other machines

      Hi all.
      I've installed Peoplesoft 9.1, PT8.52 (Oracle 11G 64 bit database) on windows 2008 server 64bit and an HRMS DEMO DB on a Virtual machine PSDEMOVM.
      I also installed Oracle 11G client 32, and configured a PS client workstation on another virtual machine PSDEMOWS.
      I installed both app and web servers and the application is finally up and running.

      I added the IP and URL in the Hosts file under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ on both server and client machines.
      Note that no proxy is selected on both machines.
      Now I am able to access the application on the server machine but not from the client one even though I can ping and tnsping the server from that machine.

      Is there any additional configuration to do on the client machine?