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    ODP.Net Managed Provider Beta, NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN from sqlnet.ora fails

    Niels Jespersen
      Hello all

      I downloaded the odp.net managed provider beta It seems to be working fine, but it fails to pickup the names.default_domain parameter in sqlnet.ini. Is this a known bug? If not, should I report my findings somewhere other than here?

      A short example:


      is set in sqlnet.ora

      Using the oldfashioned odp.net I would then put the following in the connect string: *"User Id=/;Data Source=mydb;"* and this would work because of the default_domain parameter. With the managed provider beta, I have to put *"User Id=/;Data Source=mydb.world;"* in the connect string for it to work. This means, if this behaviour persists beyond the beta phase, that migration to the managed provider will be a bit "unsmooth".

      Any thoughts?

      Best regards Niels Jespersen