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    Transaction in doubt when deleting single entity

      Platform: Win7, VS2012, SL5, NET4.5, DevForce2012, Oracle 11g, ODT 1120320

      Simple case; one table with single column numeric primary key. Execute entity query to select one record only by PK. Then mark entity for deletion and call to save changes. Failes with TransactionInDoubtException.

      If I try to update the entity instead of delete, then save executes sucessfully. Both SQL statements use a WHERE clause identifying the record by PK value (checked using EFProfiler).

      With other entities in the same database deletion is no problem. Also there are no concurrency conflicts, neither is this a distributed transaction. Neither are referantial constraints the issue. Also, I can copy the DELETE statement from EFProfiler into SQL*Plus and it executes prefectly.

      I've been banging my head for weeks now, trying to figure out what is going on with this table resulting in an in-doubt transaction. I have also posted this same question to both DevForce and EF forums with no luck.

      Any hints or clues as to what I can check or change to get this to work is most welcome. Thanks in advance for any input.