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    Retreiving Object_Version_Number for a deployed HZ_PARTY_V2PUB web service

      I have the Parties(HZ_PARTY_V2PUB) web service deployed from the Integrated SOA Gateway. I'm trying to use this web service and others to develop a stand-alone application used for testing purposes. The update functions in that web service all require the Object_Version_Number for the row you are trying to update.

      I know how to find the version number from a simple query:
      SELECT object_version_number FROM APPS.HZ_PARTIES WHERE PARTY_NAME = 'My Org';

      Is there a web service that allows us to find the object_version_number in a similar fashion?

      If I have to interact directly with the database via queries in order to use deployed web services, then it doesn't seem practical to use the web service interfaces, since I could just as easily make stored procedure calls. We've thought about creating custom web services to expose the data that we need, but it seems like these should already exist since the information is required by all of the HZ web service update functions that I've looked at so far.