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    oracle vm 3.1.1 ( kernel 2.6.39-200.1.9.el5uek ) : Live migration breaks

      we are upgrading with last update of OVS the servers.. After we upgraded one server (called A) from 2.6.39-200.1.1.el5uek to 2.6.39-200.1.9.el5uek with certified yum repository from Oracle, the live migration not working anymore in correct mode.
      If I will migrate one guest from another server to server A or vice versa , the results are the same, the 3%-10% of packets dropped. Is it a normal behaviour , if the kernel are different ? Or are this kernel/driver/xen bugged ?
      Obviously the version of OVS are always 3.1.1 and the oracle vm the 3.1.1 build 478, and previously the live migration always worked well. No errors are visible and the job gone well.

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