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    Does JavaFX Runtime Support Extensions?

      The Java RT includes jar files in the 'ext' folder of the JRE as part of the classpath. It seems that the JavaFX RT, however, does not. Am I understanding this correctly? If so, are there plans for the extensions to be supported by the JavaFX RT? I saw in another post that the JavaFX RT might itself be moved to the extensions folder with JDK8...

      I am trying to use extension jars in the JRE instead of adding them as separate libraries...

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          I do not really understand your question. The "ext" folder is a featue of the Java RT. Its use has nothing to do with JavaFX in particular. It does not make a difference if you use jars from there in a Swing or in a JavaFX program.
          In the discussions you have mentioned it was suggested to move the JavaFX RT from the location where it currently resides to the "ext" folder, so that it will be automatically included in the classpath. But this is an open discussion and should not be relevant for you if you want to place your own libraries in the "ext" folder.