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    Update MVG field with Siebel REST API

      Hi All,

      I'm currently creating an iphone application that could update a siebel instance using Siebel REST API.

      In Siebel Public Sector application, v8.1.1.5, navigate to the cases screen, and in each case, there's a "Team" field. I wish to update this field using Siebel REST. The request that I posted back was<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"ISO-8859-1\"?><SiebelREST><ListOfHLS_0x20_Case><HLS_0x20_Case><operation>update</operation><Id>BSIA-EDIS1</Id><Sales_0x20_Rep>EUPONT</Sales_0x20_Rep></HLS_0x20_Case></ListOfHLS_0x20_Case></SiebelREST>

      <Sales_0x20_Rep>EUPONT</Sales_0x20_Rep> -> This is the field that I am trying to update

      My REST Api is working and I have checked it. However the field could not be update. I have tried using the same method to update other single value field and they are working fine.

      I'm working in a DSS instance environment.

      Do let me know if you experience or done anything related to this.

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          As far as I know , whenever you update MVG field through Web Service/Integration Object , the MVG Buscomp should be a child of Parent in IO.
          Now you want to update 'Team' field which is actually Position Business Component. So your HLS Case IO should include Position IC as well with a child relationship from HLS Case BC. Your incoming XML should also include the hierarchy like