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    Questions on composition and assosiation relationship

      Which two are true about the composition relationship "A Blip consists of many
      Blipverts."? (Choose two.)

      A. A Blip must have at least two Blipverts.
      B. A Blipvert can be a part of only one Blip.
      C. A Blipvert must be part of at least one Blip.
      D. When a Blipvert is deleted, its Blip should also be deleted.
      E. When a Blip is deleted, each of its Blipverts should also be deleted. Answer: BE

      according to me its answer shud be C and E. as composition says that one can not exsit without other..means blipvert can not exist without blip..hence it must be part of atleast one blip..

      but actual answer given in book is B and E.
      Can some one explain.

      Question on Assosiation
      Which is true about association navigation?

      A. Association navigation is meaningful for only OO design, NOT implementation.
      B. Association navigation is used to describe the relationship between a subclass and its superclass.
      C. Association navigation indicates which direction a relationship can be traversed.
      D. Association navigation indicates how many instances of each object type are involved in an association.

      Answer should be C and D....D because we mention the how many instances can one have of other....example 0..1, 1..* etc etc...so D should also be an answer

      but in book it is only C..

      can someone explain this.
      Am i wrong in my explanation?...