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    User 'Save' action Claims the Task, When the Task is Assigned to a Group

    Sameer Darbha

      JDeveloper, WLS 10.3.6, BPM

      I have a process and assigned the Initiator Task swimlane role to a Group.
      When a user in the Group Creates the task and enters some data and 'Saves' it, the Task is automatically 'Claimed' by the User.

      There is a lot of data to be entered in the UI and it can be entered by many users in the Group, before Submitting the Task.
      So one user creates a Process and other users in the same Group will enter the data. This gives them the flexibility to share the responsibility of data entry.

      Because the Task is claimed by the Creator of the Task, other users in the Group are not able to Submit the Task.
      Our requirement is all the users in the Group should be able to Submit the Task.

      Is there a way to stop the Task from getting Claimed by the user when he Saves the data?

      Thanks for any help.