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    Preventing splash screens for JRE install with Deployment Toolkit

      I'm using the http://java.com/js/dtjava.js option to automatically ensure the user has the right version of the JRE, and to launch the jnlp application.

      If the DT javascript figures out an upgrade to the JRE is due, it downloads the JRE automatically, asks the user whether to install, and then takes the users through a number of screens.
      Although the install launches fairly smoothly, showing all those splash screens to the user (who is only interested in our application, not the JRE at all or any of the bundled software at all) seems so old-fashioned.
      In addition, it creates a fairly big support problem, in that users willl call in, and you have to display FAQs and docs guiding them through the various screens. On top of it all, you have to advise them to uncheck the Ask toolbar option.

      This installation procedure seems so out-of-date, a complete throwback to the 90's shareware movement. Why doesn't Oracle get that such an onerous procedure for installing the JRE puts off droves of developers from developing client side java apps?
      An installation procedure similar to what windows, and browsers in general do - meaning silently and unobtrusive - would be far, far better for the type of container technology java is.

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