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    INS-08106: Unexpected error occurred while loading the 'InventoryUI'

    MS Sauter

      Have done alot of installs over time, but this error has me stymied. Here are the givens:

      2-node Linux RHEL 5 OS
      Will ASM over fiber (using ASMLib)
      Attempting to install Oracle 11gR2 (

      SSH is working and runcluvfy gives no errors on wither nodes.

      When running through the installer, I am on the "specify Installation Location" menu.
      I input Oracle Base: /apps/oracle
      I input Software Location: /apps/grid/product/11.2.0/grid_1

      I hit NEXT and afeter a short time, I get the following error:

      INS-08106: Unexpected error occurred while loading the view 'InventoryUI' associated to state 'inventory.'
      No further details are given.

      I look in the install log for this run and see these last final lines (no errors appear in this log prior):

      INFO: Gathering system details
      INFO: Checking specified location on remote nodes... (btw - specified path DO exist w/correct perms/ownership)
      INFO: size stimation for Completeinstall is 5632.0
      INFO: Completed validating state <CRSInstallLocationUI>
      INFO: Verifying route INVENTORY_ABSENT
      INFO: Get view names [InventoryUI]
      INFO: View for [InventoryUI] is oracle.install.ivw.common.view.InventroyUI@58046530
      INFO: Initializing view [InventoryUI> at state <inventory>
      INFO: Fetching existing UNIX groups
      INFO: Terminating all background processes
      INFO: Terminated all background procecces
      SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-08016] Unexpected error occurred while loading the view 'InventoryUI' associated to state 'inventory.'
      CAUSE: No additional information available.
      ACTION: Contact Oracle Support Services or refer to the software manual..
      Refer associated stacktrace #oracle.install.commons.util.exception.DefaultErrorAdvisor:1032
      INFO: Advice is ABORT
      INFO: Adding ExitStatus FAILURE to the exist status set
      INFO: Finding the most appropriate exist status for the current application
      INFO: Exit Status is -1
      INFO: Shutdown Oracle Grid Infrastructure
      INFO: Unloading Setup Driver

      I realize I can open an SR in MOS, but was hping that maybe someone in this forum had encountered this error previosly and might have some sugestions or a solution that worked for them. The only same error code in MOS relates to to:

      Unexptected error occurred while loading the view 'GridPlugPlayInfoUI' associated to state 'GridPlugPlayInfoUI', but this has a fix in /etc/hosts, but is NOT the same error I am getting.

      Thank you in advance for any help.