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    Oracle 10g to 11g upgrade: DBMS_SYS.GET_ENV() problems catwinbundle.sql

      Hi Everyone,

      We have Oracle installed on a Windows 2008 system and are trying to upgrade to Oracle So far we have installed the Oracle 11 software to E:\oracle\<DBSID>\11203 and have run "opatch apply" to apply patch 10 to the software. Per the read me file, our next step is to run catwinbundle.sql. However, we get the following result in sqlplus:

      SQL> @catwinbundle.sql

      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

      SP2-0310: unable to open file "E:\oracle\<DBSID>\102\rdbms\admin\catbundle.sql"

      In our command prompt (run in elevated mode), we have run the command "set ORACLE_HOME=E:\oracle\<DBSID>\11203". However, we have found that the scripts catwinbundle.sql and catbundle.sql retreive the value of ORACLE_HOME for the registry entry for Oracle 10g (i.e. E:\oracle\<DBSID>\102).

      Other than temporarily changing the registry entry to run catwinbundle.sql, is there any other solution to this error?