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    solved: 11.1 kernel panic when booting on i5 or i7 Intel commodity hardware

      if the you see a kernel panic in the early boot phase and the displayed trace includes lines saying that the intel_nhm and/or intel_nhmex
      kernel modules are loaded, then most probably you simply have to disable these drivers (aka. shitty intel_nhm driver) during boot.

      This error has been introduced in Solaris some kernel versions after snv_111b when the intel_nhm and intel_nhmex drivers were included
      in OpenSolaris, Solaris Express and Solaris 11.0. and it still persists in Solaris 11.1 and in the nice new illumos based distros like OpenIndiana and OmniOS.

      This error did not exist in snv_111b (Sun OpenSolaris). This bug has been discussed in OpenSolaris forums but was never resolved.

      The problem does of course not occur on brave AMD64 hardware which is anyway still the better choice although Oracle seems to prefer Intel currently,
      most probably a deal for purely long term strategic reasons ;-)

      Example Hardware: Samsung RV711 Intel Laptop