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    upgrade from to

      hi all,
      how can i upgrade my DB software from to

      thanks in advance!
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          Shivananda Rao

          You need to perform an out of place upgrade.
          1. Install on a different home
          2. run the pre-upgrade tool on the existing database
          3. peform the pre-requisities mentioned
          4. Bring down the database from and start the database in upgrade mode from home by copying the pfile/spfile of database to $ path
          5. startup upgrade and run the catupgrd.sql

          Make sure you look out for the invalid objects.

          Refer *Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade from previous 11.2.0.N version to the latest 11.2.0.N patchset. [ID 1276368.1]*
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            Srini Chavali-Oracle
            Follow the steps in the Upgrade Guide - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e23633/toc.htm

            Use DBUA to perform the upgrade

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