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    Solution - Static Network Configuration for Solaris 11.1 Different from 11

      I had scripted a static network configuration for Solaris 11, but it did not work on Solaris 11.1. I got a "network unreachable" error after configuring the ip interface and then restarting network/physical:default. It popped up an error advisory which said to read the netadm man page. Curiously, the network was reachable after rebooting.

      Most of the steps are the same, but you need to restart network/location:default to make the network reachable. Here are the exact steps using my local network configuration (btw - I did this in a vbox instance with bridged networking for testing.)

      I created an appropriate /etc/inet/hosts for my home network.

      netadm enable -p ncp DefaultFixed
      ipadm create-ip net0
      ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0/v4static
      route -p add default 1
      svcadm restart network/location:default

      For Solaris 11.0, restarting network/physical:default allowed reaching the network. That is the only change from all the guidance out there.