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    ODI creating synonym with same name as view in same schema

    RG 007
      Hi Gurus,

      I am trying to load data from Oracle to Oracle(same database) , I have only two schema
      1. Source schema 2. wrk_n_Target . this 2nd schema also working as work schema for source.
      work Schema and Target are same .

      I have chosen LKM: Oracle to Oracle DB Link, on target IKM: Oracle incremental update, CKM is Oracle .

      When I run interface it creates view on Work Schema(when working work schema for source), then it tries to create synonym with same name on the same schema(working on work schema for target) schema.
      So, I am getting error: object with same name already exist.

      I think, if there is a way to avoid creating of synonym, since

      Please advice.

      I will really appreciate any input on this.


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