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    DMU hangs at login after aborted scan

    Jan Schreiber
      After a database shutdown during a DMU scan, our DMU cannot connect to the database any more.
      The GUI says "Connecting to database...", the status panel logs "Connection successfull", and DMU keeps hanging.

      DMU executes this query to the database: "select count from sys.source$
      s, sys.obj$ o where s.obj# = o.obj# and o.type# = 13 /* TYPE */ and
      s.rowid in (select decode(substr(cast(e.row_id as varchar2
      (4000)),1,1),'*',null,e.row_id) from system.dum$exceptions e, sys.obj$ o,
      sys.user$ u where e.obj# = o.obj# and o.owner# = u.user# and o.name =
      'SOURCE$' and u.name = 'SYS')"

      This takes forever.

      Anyone else had this problem ?

      Will it be okay to drop everything by executing \dmu\admin\drop_repository.sql ?