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    User Variable in Business Rule or Global Variable

      I wanted to call the User Variable value of Planning application under the Globel Variable of Default Value. Example I have created one Globel variable under the Default value the user varible value need to pickup so any thought how I can do this.

      I know in the Form if you use &UsrVar this will show the user variable value in the Data form but it is not showing the User Variable value in global variable or inside the Business rule.It is giving an error message there is no substitution variable has been defined. Please explain.

      Thanks in Advance,

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          Alp Burak
          User variables are meant to be used in web forms and web forms only. You can certainly pass their values to business rules when you used them in POV or page section of the form during save. All you need to do is to create another business rule (local or global) variable in business rule on the corresponding dimension and use it in your business rule. If you enable running the business rule on save and using the form values for variables options in form properties, business rules would replace the values of business rule variables with the values that are set in user variables.

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            If I want to achieve the objective on other side i.e. I want to pass on the values selected in run time prompts to context variables. Can you please guide me on this.


            Ashutosh Sardana