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    Problem with deleting PDF report in "Vew Log / Trace" Section

      Hello everyone I just hired as a peoplesoft programmer :)
      I have a question when I try to code a report generating program

      I need to delete the PDF file (report) in "View Log/Trace"Section after the AE program executed.
      (Actually I just want to hide it at "View Log/Trace" Section, so that user will not be able to see it).

      The following program is my code

      &xmlStr = &inXMLDoc.GenXmlString();
      &strFilePath = %FilePath | "PAYSLIP_" | ZH_GPR068_AET.CAL_RUN_ID | "__" | ZH_GPR068_AET.PROCESS_INSTANCE | ".xml";
      &FileCS = GetFile(%FilePath | "PAYSLIP_" | ZH_GPR068_AET.CAL_RUN_ID | "__" | ZH_GPR068_AET.PROCESS_INSTANCE | ".xml", "W", "UTF8", %FilePath_Absolute);
      sRptDefn = "GPR0688_B";
      &oRptDefn = create PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER:ReportDefn(&sRptDefn);
      &oRptDefn.UseBurstValueAsOutputFileName = True;

      &ftp = GetURL(URL.ZH_GPR068_PAYSLIP);
      &oRptDefn.ProcessReport("", &sLangCd, &AsOfDate, &sFileExt);
      &Return_Value = PutAttachment(GetURL(URL.ZH_GPR068_PAYSLIP), &sss | ".pdf", %FilePath | &sss | ".pdf");
      &conFileLog.WriteLine("PutAttachment Return Value:" | &Return_Value);

      If &Return_Value = 0 Then
      Local Record &ZH_PSLP_EE;
      &ZH_PSLP_EE = CreateRecord(Record.ZH_PSLP_EE_DATA);

      /*Delete(hide) the report file*/
      Local JavaObject &javaFile;
      &javaFile = CreateJavaObject("java.io.File", %FilePath);

      &tmpfile1 = GetFile(%FilePath | &ATTACHSYSFILENAME, "W", "UTF8", %FilePath_Absolute);
      /*Delete(hide) the report file*/

      After the program executed, the pdf report still exist and not being removed in "View Log/Trace" Section
      &ATTACHSYSFILENAME already contain the PDF extension.

      I am hoping someone can help me to find out what's wrong with my program results in cannot delete the PDF file in the "Vew Log / Trace" Section
      Thank you so much

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          Maybe there's something I don't get very well, but that's quite strange to make a user able to run a process without making him able to see the report, or at least the log.
          Anyway, I think it should be better to solve it through the config rather than changing code.
          Have a look to the red-paper below, page 57 :
          I may be wrong, but I'd tend to have a look first on the process definition, "Process Security", or on permission list (process monitor)...


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