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    Bigger Type length Than maximum - Error while Deploying into Weblogic 8



      We are Facing the 'Bigger Type length Than maximum' error while deploying our build in Weblogic. The connectivity jars we are using are OJDBC14.jar with a manifest file as follows:

      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Specification-Title: Oracle JDBC driver classes for use with JDK14
      Sealed: true
      Created-By: 1.4.2_08 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
      Implementation-Title: ojdbc14.jar
      Specification-Vendor: Oracle Corporation
      Specification-Version: Oracle JDBC Driver version - ""
      Implementation-Version: Oracle JDBC Driver version - ""
      Implementation-Vendor: Oracle Corporation
      Implementation-Time: Wed Jun 22 11:19:45 2005

      Name: oracle/sql/converter/
      Sealed: false

      Name: oracle/sql/
      Sealed: false

      Name: oracle/sql/converter_xcharset/
      Sealed: false

      We are trying to connect to Oracle 10.2.0 database from JDK 1.4 . Please provide resolutions for this error.