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    display clob column with htp package

      I need help with displaying clob column data in dynamic content with any appropriate package but iam currently using htp.p it seems not to work well. Some of my clob values are so big like length>=18000 but when i use htp.p all output text is pulled together without any line break but i want data to be displayed AS IS stored in the table column.....any help is appreciated thanks.
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          Denes Kubicek
          I think you can diisplay maximum 32767 characters. You will need to replace CHR(13) and CHR(10) with
          in order to get it displayed as you want.

          Denes Kubicek
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            You got it immediately after i posted this question that's what i did/chr(13) and worked perfect. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend
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              Hi jieri,

              I am looking for a solution where my apex application will download to file on the client pc the content of a clob which happens to be xml. I noticed you mention in your post that you have managed this for multiple files. Could you point me in the right dirrection on this subject pleasse.