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    Generate web service proxy from WSDL using Jdeveloper


      I've generated web service proxy using Jdeveloper with one of my CRMOD object (using Web Service v2.0). So Jdeveloper generated me java classes but it did not generate WSDL2Java-classes? When I investigate sample code CRMODBulkExecuteExampleApp then I could see following way documented java classes

      * CampaignQueryPage_Input.java
      * This file was auto-generated from WSDL
      * by the Apache Axis 1.4 Apr 22, 2006 (06:55:48 PDT) WSDL2Java emitter.

      So I wonder should I include some extension into my Jdeveloper environment to get above type of java classes?

      In example there exist following java classes which were not generated from CRMOD object with Jdeveloper:


      BR Mervi