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    Create Item - Employee Self Service Personal Information Page

    NS Challapalli

      Our requirement is to enable Hire date in Employee Self Service --> Personal Information --> Basic Information or personal information summary

      I'm not sure if date hire is covered in VO SQL in that page.

      below are the details I have enter while creating item.

      Message Styled Text

      Property Value
      *ID HireDate
      Access Key
      Additional Text
      Admin Personalization true
      Attribute Set
      CSS Class OraDataText
      Data Type VARCHAR2
      Destination Function
      Destination URI
      Disable Server Side Validation false
      Export View Attribute
      Initial Sort Sequence none
      Long Tip Region
      Maximum Length
      No Wrap false
      Popup Enabled false
      Popup ID
      Popup Render Event onClick
      Prompt Hire Date
      Rendered true
      Required no
      Search Allowed false
      Selective Search Criteria false
      Sort Allowed no
      Sort By View Attribute
      Tip Message Name PER_52357_ORIGINAL_HIRE_DATE (Not sure if its correct or wrong)
      Tip Type dateFormatlongMessageshortTipnone
      Total Value truefalse
      User Personalization truefalse
      Vertical Aligment middletopbottom
      View Attribute
      View Instance
      Warn About Changes truefalse