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    How can I update Oracle XE from in Windows to ?

      I am still using Oracle XE on my windows machine. Now the server (Linux based) was updated to and I ran into quite some compatibility issues. How can I update my XE on windows? I can't find it anymore on any of the download pages.

      An update to Oracle 11gr2 is not my favorite alternative.
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          10g is now on the Extended support list, that adds a few extra $s to a support/license agreement.

          And XE can't be patched, to get a version database requires going with one of the other editions, i.e. SE or EE, and applying the patch set.

          So if your server is running on Linux, how is that related to your Windows XE installation?

          Its a separate database instance, perhaps an 11g client will suffice? Also of note, the patch set goes on Extended support early next year, so it might be helpful to look at an client anyways.