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    OAF Persanalization Record History

      Hi Guys,

      I want to know who did or update OAF Personalization. In JDR_Paths table i find who columns but in last_updated_by or Created_by columns i find 2 values "1" and "INTERNAL". But i want to know who did or Update personalization. How can i know that, Kindly help me.

      I am using EBS 12.1.3 with 11g database.

      Mazhar Hussain
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          Sushant Sharma

          Refer below link:


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            Mazhar Hussain

            I go through these code already and even check the Oaf Personalization tables too, and i mention that the JDR_PATHS table updated by or created by column store INTERNAL value instead of user id who did the personalization. I want to know who did that personalization, if u know about that kindly tell me about that.

            Mazhar Hussain