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      • 15. Re: Software for OCM 11g exam partly not available
        Laserite_Chennai wrote:

        Thanks for your message. Two things we have to note here

        1. For preparing Oracle 11g OCM, downloading softwares and installing in laptops or desktops and preparing for Oracle 11g OCM, License is not required.
        2. I am not expecting any compense from forum people
        3. Once you are using softwares for commercial purpose then only License will come into the picture

        I strongly advise any person downloading from Oracle Technology to take authorative independent advice on Software downloaded from Oracle with regard to License, and IMHO believe the statement (1.) and (3.) above to be generally incorrect, but I bow to those more aware of the license issues than me. The situation with some FOSS may of course be variable.

        Edited by: bigdelboy on 04-Nov-2012 09:39 Just to add the current (general) license is here, though it might be different for a specific download or area (e.g. linux/VM portal / FOSS/ MySQL ... ).


        My reading from an extract of the above page at about time of this edit is:

        You may not:
        - make the programs available in any manner to any third party;

        Unless Oracle Websoftware is having a real wobbly day one must click to agree to the license before download ....

        Oracle Database Software Download:
        You must accept the OTN License Agreement to download this software.
        [?] Accept License Agreement | [?] Decline License Agreement
        • 16. Re: Software for OCM 11g exam partly not available
          Brandye Barrington-Oracle
          FYI - before any software trades hands, I am actually referring this to Oracle Legal to review. I am not assuming that anyone is intentionally mis-using Oracle software or licenses, but I would be remiss if I didn't have Oracle Legal review.

          Please also know that I am still following up with exam developers on this issue.

          Brandye Barrington
          Certification Forum Moderator
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