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    Help regarding the calling of a oracle function from the OTL.

      I created a Oracle function like get_employee_id() which will return the employee id if the name and department exists.
      If not exists it will insert the record and return the emp_id.

      if name and department exists id will be returned
      else record will be inserted and emp id will be returned.

      emp_id is a sequence which will be triggered to auto increment.

      Problem is::
      Not getting a correct way to access get_employee_id() from OTL interface.

      I am trying like
      query << "BEGIN :3<int> := get_employee_id(:1<char[128]>,:2<char[1024]>); END;" ;
      otl_stream oos(1, query.str().c_str(), db());

      oos << emp_name ;
      oos << emp_dept ;

      oos >> emp_id ;
      if(!oos) break ;

      Please let me know what is the correct way of accessing this.Thanks for the help in advance.