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    Forms & Reports Standalone servers and csv files.

      I have a forms application that uses a remote reports server. In 10g, the forms and reports server were on the same server. In 11g architecture, they are a standalone server. One of the reports is an export into a csv file.

      In the 10g code, the forms code is written to create a csv file in the reports cache directory on the local reports server and then uses webutil to send the file to client.

      The problem is: In the 11g architecture, the cached file is created on on the standalone reports server and is inaccessible to the standalone forms server webutil's webutil_file_transfer.AS_To_Client_With_Progress .

      The configurations I have found are:
      On forms server.
      1. webutil.cfg which dictates the directory access.
      2. xxx.env which gives REPORTS_SERVER and REPORTS_PATH.

      Of course none of this matters, because the file is on the reports server cache directory.

      So my question, is there a way to generate a csv files the way the pdf reports show (web.show_document(reportserverurljobid)) . Or some sort of parameter I can pass via to the reports server to initiate a download from it.


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          Christian Erlinger
          I don't get it. How do you create the file? With forms or with reports? If it is forms then what has this to do with the reports temp directory? If it is forms why don't you use the reports object?
          Or do you generate a <jobid>.csv file in the reports cache directory and access it via
          ?!? (IF this even works)

          In that case why don't you declare an aliasmatch and access the file you generated via this aliasmatch:

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            Thanks Christian!

            Sorry for the post. It seems I started and stopped many times without reading it.

            I was able to resolve the problem by putting the export on the Forms Server side. I am not sure why the original developers invoked the reports server.

            Resolved by,
            Adding a variable in the app.env file.

            Configuring the webutil.cfg to read and write to that directory.