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    Create page based on Seeded Table

      I have got a question...Assume i have to create a custom page which inserts data into a seeded table
      eg per_all_people_f.If i simply create a custom EO,VO,AM my question is oracle might have written all
      row level validations in EO, some business validations in AM and all. My question is if i created custom
      EO,AM then i will be bypassng all the standard validations by oracle.Then how should i proceed? Do i need
      to extend the EO,AM while creating my custom page?? If that is the case then assume the AM is Root AM, then
      i should not be extend it.So what should be the correct way of doing it.
      Also if anyone has got any idea how date tracking is implemented in OAF for HRMS that would be really