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    SQLDeveloper can not rename imported connection name, creates new

    Aleksander Stopar

      I used to have all my connections named in the form username@database. As we all know, this is a no-go in the SQLDeveloper So I do a right click on the connection name, select properties, change the "@" char for the "_" and click Save. Here comes the confusing part: the connection is not renamed and saved, but another one is created (with the new/renamed name), and it is created in the "root" folder at the end of the connection tree. When you have connection tree opened with many connections, it is not obvious, that a new connection was created, but it seems that the old one is not renamed, because you can not spot the new one since it's created at the end of the tree, in the part that is not currently visible.

      Is there a way to actually RENAME the connection, so that users don't have to put the new connections in the right folders and delete the old ones? Is editing the connections.xml file the only way?