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    error when importing business layer using the eulpi

      Hi there,

      I have a problem importing a new business area into my TEST EUL environment from my DEV EUL. (they are on different databases, i.e. one EUL for each database but all databases are identical apart from database name).
      i.e. 1st I export the business area from DEV using the following command:

      eulapi -connect username/password@${DATABASE} -export ${EXP_FILE} -business_area "${BUS_AREA}" -identifier -log ${LOG_FILE} -audit_info

      and it works perfectly, and I can import the resulting Business area file into a new EUL if the Business area already exists, however, if the business area does not exist on the TEST eul then I get the following error using the command:

      eulapi -connect username/password@${DATABASE} -import ${EXP_FILE} -identifier -preserve_workbook_owner -import_rename_mode refresh -log ${LOG_FILE}

      Could not locate the Folder with identifier 'XXXXX' in the target End User Layer
      Import completed, but with warnings. Please check the result.

      This command works to replace the business area if it already exists, but fails if the business area does not already exist, which is actually what I want to do, i.e. create business area in DEV and export it and then import to TEST as part of the test cycle.

      The above command actually creates the business area but not the underlying folder. All permissions, database links etc on both DEV and TEST environments are identical.

      Your help is appreciated!
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          Rod West

          The export of the business area contains details of the business area and which folders are contained in the business area, but not the details of the folders themselves.

          Hence if you import a new business area and the folders contained in the BA are not in the EUL you will get an error locating the folder.

          Therefore to create a new BA you need to export all the folders in the BA and then export the BA itself. Then when you import you need to import the new folders first, then the BA.

          Rod West