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    Performance FDM mapping

      Hi Guys,

      My FDM App has a Map Options for a Dimension where the type is "In" with these features:

      Rule Name: RNOME
      Rule Desc:
      Rule Definition:[None]
      Target Custom 2:#SCRIPT
      Script: if (RES.PlngCatKey="14") then 'escenario Saldos medios if (VarValues(19))="SMM" then 'mira en la C1 si es SMM lo mete en la C2 Result = "SMM" else Result = "[None]" and if else Result ="[None]" end if

      This can provoke some issue or latency when I import or validate?

      Thanks for any helps!!!


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          On the Import Analysis report, it is the Import: Process Map step that is taking 50% of the time.
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            FDM provides a breakdown of run-times by dimension - have you confirmed this is the dimension that is causing the issue?

            when importing the file, what are the likely number of occurances of varvalues(19) = "SMM". If there are only a few, It might be better to test this variable first rather than the category key. It might also be worth exporing the possibility of combining the two tests with an 'and' to get rid of the nested if statements, to see if it provides any improvement.

            If the same file is run for diffferent catkeys, are the results comparible or is the import for CatKey = 14 significantly slower?
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              Yes this dimension is one of those who provoke the issue. I'm testing your advices, on other hand the Import Performance Analysis shows this:

              Process Description      Duration           I/O Source      Event Information      Date           Start Time           End Time
              Import: Post Work Data      0 tDataMapSeg3      Post Map Work Data to Main Map Segment: 11/06/2012      9:31:08 AM      9:31:08 AM
              Import: Post Work Data      7      tDataSeg3      Post Work Data to Main Data Segment: 11/06/2012      9:32:33 AM      9:32:40 AM
              Import: Drop Work Table      5      tWbk0883870094684335      Drop Work Table      11/06/2012      9:34:01 AM      9:34:06 AM      

              What happening between "Import: Post Work Data" and "Import: Drop Work Table" there are temporal holes!
              The first "Import: Post Work Data" ends at 9:31:08 AM and second "Post Work Data" starts at 9:32:33 AM. --> temporal hole 1:25
              The second "Import: Post Work Data" ends at 9:32:40 AM and "Import: Drop Work Table" starts at 9:34:01 AM. --> temporal hole 1:21

              Many Thanks !!

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                If you look at chapter 11 of the FDM API guide, you can see the actual steps the process takes, so you will be able to identify what takes place between the actions you have detailed.