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      Its almost 4 days since the RMAN Full Backup is running and it has completed almost 91% and is stuck at this point since last 2 days, so now we killed the RMAN backup Process and started the RMAN Full Backup on Disk. We need to take the RMAN Backups on Tapes.

      When we take the RMAN Full Backup to Tape manually with the same script attached, the Backup runs successfully withing Hours. While if the RMAN Full Backup is running through Cronjobs , then it takes days and it gets hung.

      Initially it happened with Full backup , now Incremental Backup is also not working.


      Log File of Current RMAN Incremental Backup Running and in Hung state

      Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Mon Nov 5 20:00:02 2012

      Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.

      connected to target database: ZSBO (DBID=4052190355)

      4> run{
      5> allocate channel t1 type 'SBT_TAPE'
      6> parms 'ENV=(NSR_SERVER=sa-backup01,NSR_CLIENT=sa-dm03b)';
      7> allocate channel t2 type 'SBT_TAPE'
      8> parms 'ENV=(NSR_SERVER=sa-backup01,NSR_CLIENT=sa-dm03b)';
      9> allocate channel t3 type 'SBT_TAPE'
      10> parms 'ENV=(NSR_SERVER=sa-backup01,NSR_CLIENT=sa-dm03b)';
      11> allocate channel t4 type 'SBT_TAPE'
      12> parms 'ENV=(NSR_SERVER=sa-backup01,NSR_CLIENT=sa-dm03b)';
      13> backup
      14> incremental level 2
      15> format 'Incremental_zsbo_%U_%t'
      16> (database);
      17> sql "alter system archive log current";
      18> backup
      19> format 'arch_zsbo_%d_%s_%p_%t'
      20> (archivelog from time 'sysdate-1' all delete input);
      21> release channel t1;
      22> release channel t2;
      23> release channel t3;
      24> release channel t4;
      25> }
      using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
      allocated channel: t1
      channel t1: SID=2086 device type=SBT_TAPE
      channel t1: NMO v4.5.0.0

      allocated channel: t2
      channel t2: SID=2075 device type=SBT_TAPE
      channel t2: NMO v4.5.0.0

      allocated channel: t3

      channel t3: SID=2069 device type=SBT_TAPE
      channel t3: NMO v4.5.0.0

      allocated channel: t4
      channel t4: SID=2061 device type=SBT_TAPE
      channel t4: NMO v4.5.0.0

      Starting backup at 05-NOV-12
      channel t1: starting incremental level 2 datafile backup set
      channel t1: specifying datafile(s) in backup set
      input datafile file number=00096 name=/data13/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_CURR_12.dbf
      input datafile file number=00058 name=/data17/oradata/zsbo/A0436IL2022_00_PREV_01.DBF
      input datafile file number=00014 name=/data7/oradata/zsbo/A1225NY2502_00_TEMP_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00087 name=/data7/oradata/zsbo/A1086IL2502_00_PREV_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00045 name=/data7/oradata/zsbo/A1143BO2515_00_CURR_IDX_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00130 name=/data7/oradata/zsbo/A0171LA2034_01_DEMO_IDX_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00080 name=/data7/oradata/zsbo/A0436IL2022_00_CURR_IDX_02.DBF
      input datafile file number=00119 name=/data10/oradata/zsbo/A0136NJ2533_00_CURR_05.dbf
      input datafile file number=00136 name=/data5/oradata/zsbo/A1225NY2502_00_TEMP_11.dbf
      channel t1: starting piece 1 at 05-NOV-12
      channel t2: starting incremental level 2 datafile backup set
      channel t2: specifying datafile(s) in backup set
      input datafile file number=00095 name=/data12/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_CURR_11.dbf
      input datafile file number=00075 name=/data17/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_CURR_IDX_02.dbf
      input datafile file number=00094 name=/data6/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_CURR_10.dbf
      input datafile file number=00151 name=/data10/oradata/zsbo/A0136NJ2533_00_CURR_06.dbf
      input datafile file number=00148 name=/data8/oradata/zsbo/A1143BO2515_00_PREV_02.dbf
      channel t2: starting piece 1 at 05-NOV-12
      channel t3: starting incremental level 2 datafile backup set
      channel t3: specifying datafile(s) in backup set
      input datafile file number=00127 name=/data8/oradata/zsbo/A1143BO2515_00_PREV_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00018 name=/data15/oradata/zsbo/A1225NY2502_00_TEMP_05.dbf
      input datafile file number=00062 name=/data15/oradata/zsbo/A0436IL2022_00_TEMP_02.dbf
      input datafile file number=00081 name=/data15/oradata/zsbo/A1110CH2505_00_PREV_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00137 name=/data7/oradata/zsbo/A1225NY2502_00_TEMP_12.dbf
      input datafile file number=00065 name=/data18/oradata/zsbo/A1086IL2003_00_CURR_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00103 name=/data2/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_PREV_05.dbf
      channel t3: starting piece 1 at 05-NOV-12
      channel t4: starting incremental level 2 datafile backup set
      channel t4: specifying datafile(s) in backup set
      input datafile file number=00059 name=/data6/oradata/zsbo/A0436IL2022_00_PREV_02.DBF
      input datafile file number=00068 name=/data5/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_CURR_01.dbf
      input datafile file number=00071 name=/data9/oradata/zsbo/A0186LA2591_00_CURR_04.dbf
      input datafile file number=00078 name=/data10/oradata/zsbo/A0136NJ2533_00_CURR_01.dbf
      channel t4: starting piece 1 at 05-NOV-12 ----> No Progress since last 10 hours


      Any help will be appreciated.


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