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    Unable to Login into OLT


      I am using OATS 9.3 and successfully installed on my local machine. I am able to login into Admin account and Oracle Load Manager account but not in Oracle Load Testing account, throwing an error as "Invalid Username/Password". I think the default user name for all three accounts is Administrator only and password is that when I installed the application.

      Is there any setting I have to check/change in "Oracle Application Testing Database Configuration" or "Oracle Application Testing Data Migration Tool"?

      One more thing I am able to login in sqlplus command prompt through the User as OATS, OLT, OTM and system with the same password which I have entered during installation.

      Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.

      Thanks in Advance...!!!

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          Have you tried to connect using "default" with the master password you defined?
          You can also try to create another user using http://localhost:888/admin tool. (be sure to select OLT database when logging in).
          You can also disable the login in the admin tool.

          Have you also checked logs in C:\OraceATS\logs? Anything relevant?

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            Hi Jean

            i guess it's http://localhost:8088/admin .But I am unable to login to admin console of OLT Database with default/administrator username and password defined while installation.

            While authenticating the logs comes out as

            2012-10-26 11:28:22,125 FATAL [EloadUserManager] Database <DBConfig name="Default OLT Database"><description></description><DBConnect type="Oracle" string="jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/XE" acct="OLT"></DBConfig> is empty!
            2012-10-26 11:28:38,078 ERROR [LoginAction] Unable to login user 'Administrator' into OLT schema: Invalid username or password

            Pls advise.

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              If the DB OLT exists, so you should use the Oracle Application Testing Database Configuration to check and/or recreate the connexion to the db
              • 4. Re: Installation Error

                When i tried to install OATS 9.3, its throwing the error:

                WebDom Browser helper installation failed
                failed to reigster openscript IEToolbar DLL

                can you help me what could be the reason for this error?

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                  Hi Vikram
                  Please open a new thread for new issue.
                  You need to
                  * make sure to run OATS installer "as administrator" on Windows 7 or 2008
                  * check that you use a supported version of your browser. ie ATS 9.3 doesn't support IE 9 for example.
                  * close all browser during installation

                  After installation you can reinstall browser helper by typing in a command dos (run a administrator if w7)
                  close all browsers
                  delete the directory "Oracle IE ToolBar"