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    Programatically download files from WebDAV

    Nithyarajan Manmathan-Oracle

      We have a requirement to download files programmatically from webDAV system. Any one please suggest some methods or share any sample code for doing this task.

      Thanks in advance.

      Nithyarajan M
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          You can use UTL_HTTP. You must construct an HTTP header in a UTL_HTTP.req object and then receive the response in a UTL_HTTP.resp object

          request UTL_HTTP.req := NULL;
          response UTL_HTTP.resp := NULL;

          Prepare your header

          UTL_HTTP.write_text(request, message);
          response := UTL_HTTP.get_response(request);

          I have a sample using web services, later I will prepare a more elaborated sample, but by now you can research on this direction.