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    T5120 won't boot

      I have 2 T5120 SPARC servers that won't boot. The attached monitor shows nothing on the screen. When I go into iLOM, I am able to log in as root/changeme and get to the CLI. However, when I do a "start /SYS", the fans come on for about 8-10 seconds, but that's it. I can't even issue a STOP-a to get to the {ok} prompt. I am receiving 2 error messages (listed below). Are these an indication that the motherboards need to be replaced?

      Error messages:

      95 Tue Nov 6 12:52:37 2012 Chassis Log critical
      Nov 6 12:52:37 FATAL: The HOST Processor has a configuration error, forc
      ing a power-down

      94 Tue Nov 6 12:52:37 2012 Chassis Log critical
      Nov 6 12:52:37 FATAL: Polling POK Status Time Out: 0x9e

      Thanks in advance!
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          You have a catastrophic hardware fault.
          You need to contact Oracle support and log a Service Request (SR) to get parts replaced. TechSupport will decide whether they need to guide you to give them information on the platform by way of various commands at the ILOM prompt or just send a service engineer to examine the box.

          There is nothing that can be solved via a forum discussion.
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            Already done...and thanks for the head's up! I figured it was something hardware-related, but I just wanted confirmation. Thanks again!