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    Error with reports after patch 19


      I have applied the lastest patch for Forms 6i.

      After that a problem da i had is fixed, but, now, i have two others problems with reports.

      Problem 1:

      I call the report with command:
      Where pl_id are my parameters.

      One of them is a string that contains "(1,2,3,4)".

      At the report, I use this parameter in a where clause this way:
      WHERE sta_id = 1 AND div_id in &divisions
      The query is return only divisions with div_id 1 and it´s ignoring divisions 2,3,4.

      if i use as paramter "AND div_id in (1,2,3,4)" and at the query in report, "WHERE sta_id = 1 &divisions" it works. Strange, isn´t?

      I have more than 400 reports and I can not change all of them. It´s better to stay in the old version of forms/report than change them all...

      Can anyone help me?

      Problem 2
      When I run some reports, I got the error: REP-0159: Syntax error on command line.

      At computer that I have not applied the patch is still working. I already tried to recompile all of them and didn´t work.

      Forms/Report version: [32 Bits]

      Thank you!

      Mário Cardia