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    How to change the values in report level..

    Avinash Pentyala
      Hi All,

      I have country dimenssion column in this column haveing more then 500 values.in this I filter 6 countries.
      country names like this
      Like This I want Change this values to USA,UK,Africa.

      Any Help.......

      Thank You,

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          If all the column values are prefixed with Bank and suffixed with Group-BUG then you can use the following formula


          You can use the same in SQL query.

          Its better to populate the Country dimension with proper values instead of doing this in OBIEE.

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            Robin Harris
            If it's only 6 values you need to change (and not the 500!!) you could use a case statement in the report column formula.

            An example of the syntax is:

            CASE ("GL Calendar"."Fiscal Period Number")
            WHEN 1 THEN 'January'
            WHEN 2 THEN 'February'
            ELSE 'Other'

            So here I'm taking the period number and converting into a period name so you can use the syntax and substitute into this your column and values.

            If its 500 values you might need a more technical solution (e.g. add another column to the dimension and change the ETL to populate this, or have a static lookup table you can use)

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